When the wicked prosper

Take refuge in the Lord This devotional is inspired by the question “What now?” as church leaders assess the changes that have come about due to COVID-19. Psalm 73 reflects the understandable frustration when the expectations of Psalm 1 do not pan... more/más/suite

Atualização do sócio do Ministério: ICOMB - Agosto 2021

Apresentando a Família Global: Filipinas Kapatirang Menonita Ng Pilipinas Incorporated Conferência Emergente Kapatirang Menonita Ng Pilipinas Incorporated ou Irmãos Menonitas das Filipinas é uma Conferência Emergente em parceria com o ICOMB. A... more/más/suite

“God’s time was perfect”

“When I first signed up for the program, I never thought a pandemic would happen,” says Elda Antonio Garcia, a YAMENer from Mexico. “Now that I am living in the midst of it, instead of seeing it as a challenge, I see it as a blessing…. It is... more/más/suite

How does climate change intersect with other community challenges?

“The majority of our members do not have jobs; survival is very difficult.” Leontina Mahamba, Paroisse Alegria de Malanje, igreja Comunidade Menonita em Angola “Mental illness is the major factor keeping the people we encounter homeless. Heat,... more/más/suite

Ministry partner update: ICOMB – October 2021

Introducing the Global Family 日本メノナイトブレザレン教団 - Nihon Menonaito Burezaren Kyoudan: Japan Mennonite Brethren Conference Member Conference The Japan Mennonite Brethren Conference unites today 29 churches in Japan. In total, the Conference has... more/más/suite

God’s Wisdom and goodness

Perspective: United States Religious difference can bring people together Religion is personal; it expresses our way to be. Religio means “to bind,” so religions are meant to bring people together. To talk with other Christians (Protestant, Roman... more/más/suite

Atualização do sócio do Ministério: ICOMB - Agosto 2021

50º aniversário da Convención Hermanos Menonitas del Paraguay (Convenção dos Irmãos Menonitas do Paraguai) Este ano, a Convención Hermanos Menonitas del Paraguay completou 50 anos. O Pastor Dario Ramírez, Presidente da conferência e representante do... more/más/suite

Together for dialogue

Perspective: Burkina Faso Testimony of Fabé Traoré’s relations with Muslims Born in a Muslim family in Samogohiri, I was a practicing Muslim before my conversion. Today I am a servant of God, commonly called a pastor and in charge of the local... more/más/suite

God was always there

Perspectives: Guatemala Mayas and Anabaptists: A spiritual encounter Guatemala is a beautiful country with pluricultural, multilingual, multi-ethnic and multi-religious peoples. God allowed my birth to happen here. What God had prepared for my life... more/más/suite

Atualização do sócio do Ministério: ICOMB - Julio 2021

De 23 a 25 de junho, os líderes MB de todo o mundo, nossa equipe e convidados especiais reuniram-se em nosso Cúpula online para ter comunhão, tomar decisões e compartilhar sobre como Deus está trabalhando na família global do ICOMB. Ouvimos relatos... more/más/suite

A form of peace, faith, testimony and mission

Perspective: Indonesia The most difficult situation is the best class of life. When the whole world is facing the pandemic, we learn about solidarity and compassion, not only thinking about ourselves but also other people who are weaker. Even amid... more/más/suite

Atualização do sócio do Ministério: ICOMB - Junho 2021

A Igreja na Lituânia Artūras Rulinskas, líder da Laisvųjų Krikščionių Bažnyčia (Igreja Cristã Livre), a conferência MB na Lituânia, pede à Família Global que ore pela Lituânia de acordo com o Salmo 22:22-31. Adoração (Vou declarar seu nome... more/más/suite

5 lessons from the pandemic

During times of uncertainty, it is normal to be filled with doubt, fear and panic. Remember when Jesus called Peter out onto the water: Peter took a few steps, but as soon as he looked at his circumstances, he was filled with doubt, fear and panic... more/más/suite

The messiness of actual life

Perspectives: Germany Interreligious work in Berlin, Germany Followers of other religious paths are often called “strangers,” but living in Berlin, Germany, that never feels right. Of course, “their” lives are in some sense strange to “us,”... more/más/suite

Atualização do sócio do Ministério: ICOMB - Maio 2021

A Igreja no Japão Takao Sugi, líder da Nihon Menonaito Burezaren Kyodan, a conferência MB no Japão, convida a orar pela igreja no Japão. As igrejas continuam a se reunir, com as precauções de segurança em vigor. Eles agora realizam vários serviços... more/más/suite

Atualización de la colaboración en el ministerio: ICOMB – Abril 2021

Multiply Um novo conselho Multiply foi instalado no final de 2020, liderado pelo presidente David MacLean. Após 5 meses de oração e pesquisa, a diretoria anunciou uma busca pelo Diretor Geral, com um prazo de inscrição até sexta-feira, 28 de mayo... more/más/suite

Ministry partner update: ICOMB – March 2021

The International Community of Mennonite Brethren (ICOMB) is made up of 21 national churches in 19 countries with approximately 450,000 members. ICOMB exists to facilitate relationships and ministries to enhance the witness and discipleship of its... more/más/suite

Rely on God for everything

The story of Brethren In Christ Church Nepal First mission efforts Brethren In Christ Church (BIC) Nepal was pioneered by missionaries from the Brethren In Christ church in Bihar, India. In turn, the BIC mission station in Bihar, India, was started... more/más/suite

Atualización de la colaboración en el ministerio: ICOMB – Fevereiro 2021

A Igreja em Angola Prepara-se para a Transição de Liderança Jean-Claude Ambeke é o atual presidente da Igreja Evangélica dos Irmãos Menonitas em Angola (IEIMA) – a conferência MB em Angola. Seu mandato expira em junho de 2021. Jean-Claude trabalhou... more/más/suite

New ways of learning for a new time

Nindyo Sasongko believes theology should be publicly available to a wider audience. His experiment in online discussions began in November 2018; when the pandemic hit, “Theovlogy” increased in frequency to meet the demand for online means of... more/más/suite