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Global Mennonite History Series

Renewal 2021: Believe and Be Baptized video invitation

Mennonite Quarterly Review 95

Gathered into one

Baptism and Incorporation into the Body of Christ, the Church

Global Anabaptist Mennonite Shelf of Literature

Communion and Diversity: “A Community of Anabaptist­ Related Churches”

How have we dealt with conflict in the past?

Koinonia – The Gift We Hold Together

The ‘Anabaptist Tradition’ - Reclaiming its gifts, heeding its weaknesses

Identity and Ecumenicity: A Theology of Interchurch Hospitality and Denominational Identity

Consultation on Believers’ Baptism

A heart with four chambers: A theological foundation for the work of MWC’s four commissions

Living the Christian Life in Today’s World: Adventists and Mennonites in Conversation, 2011-2012

“Power and Preservation: Enabling Access to the Sources Behind Our Stories” Affirmations and Commitments

Catholicity and diversity

LWF-MWC International Study Commission letter

Living the Christian Life in Today’s World

Healing Memories: Reconciling in Christ

A Mennonite and Catholic Contribution to the World Council of Churches’ Decade to Overcome Violence