Ministry partner update: IBICA – July 2018

The International Brethren in Christ Association (IBICA) is the common network for all national conferences of the Brethren in Christ church with the aim to facilitate communication, build trust and cooperation within our global community, and to establish common and mutual understanding through our set of core values. An associate member of MWC, IBICA has some 190,000 attendees in over 30 countries around the world representing dozens of national churches.

Nepal and Canada partner for peace

The Nepal PEACE Project (Providing Essential Assistance for Children’s Education) was created by the leaders in the BIC Church of Nepal and is designed to work within the pre-existing local education system and church community networks. The local BIC Nepal churches provide tutoring and mentorship support, and with support from Canadian Be In Christ (BIC) churches, provide school supplies as well for students in rural villages. Children enrolled in the project are able to continue to be a part of their local communities while also accessing support with school stationery, school fees, school uniform, tutoring, healthcare, enrolment in local faith-based organizations and spiritual mentorship. This is a wonderful opportunity for two national churches to connect, relate and support one another.  

—Doug Sider, executive director, Be In Christ, Canada