Love neighbours: share vaccines

In Tanzania – home to 66 744 baptized members of Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania – less than one percent of the population  has received vaccination protection against COVID-19. 

Mennonite World Conference is calling on its members around the world to love their neighbour by donating to UNICEF’s campaign to share coronavirus vaccinations around the world.

“The world has a lot of COVID-19 vaccines, but currently less than 1 per cent of global supply is reaching people in low-income countries,” UNICEF reports.

UNICEF aims to distribute 2 billion doses in more than 180 countries before the end of 2021. Through the global agreement known as COVAX Facility, UNICEF, in collaboration with the PAHO Revolving Fund, has been entrusted to lead vaccine delivery.

Donations to UNICEF cover costs of purchasing and distributing the vaccines, including transportation, cold chain protection, health worker training and safe disposal of waste. 

Mennonite World Conference joins with other faith-based organizations to call its members to share vaccines around the highly interconnected world by donating to the UN’s vaccination program through UNICEF. 

“The story of Cain and Abel teaches us about the deep relationship of brotherhood and sisterhood that exists among all human beings (Genesis 4:7-10). The shepherd and the farmer, though they express different ways of relating to God, are relatives,” says César García, MWC general secretary. “This global pandemic challenges God’s invitation for us to take care of all humanity: are we going to consider the wellness of others over our interests?”  

Note: Canadians have a special, time-sensitive opportunity to see their gift multiplied: * The Government of Canada will match, dollar for dollar, every donation made by individual Canadians to UNICEF Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination fundraising campaign, up to a maximum of $10 million, until 30 September 2021. [updated]


Find a weblink to donate to UNICEF in your country. *Where available, select MWC as your affiliated organization.

Did you give?

mail iconEmail Henk Stenvers, MWC Deacons secretary at info@mwc-cmm.orgto let MWC know you are supporting our global family in this way.

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