Prayers of Gratitude and Intercession

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Praise God for in-person gatherings in local congregations and at national conventions in the USA and Canada. Pray that Christians would seek the unity of the Spirit, showing grace and forbearance in a politically divided culture.
Photo: Perdian Tumanan

25 5월 2022

Pray for peace and stability of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. Pray for the healing of people affected by the recent conflicts in the country and full recovery of communities.
Pray for brothers and sisters persecuted because of their faith in some parts of the country,
Pray for MKC to contribute to the holistic transformation of communities affected by ethnic-based conflicts.
Pray for people affected by drought in southern, southeastern, and eastern parts of Ethiopia.
—from the Meserete Kristos Church, Ethiopia
Photo: A worship service at Central Legetaffo Meserete Kristos Church, Ethiopia. Photo: Tesfatsion Dalellew. 

17 5월 2022

Pray for the churches and servants of God to be protected from persecution in India. 
—Submitted by Vipin Chandra Bansiar 
Photo: Vikal Rao 

10 5월 2022

We pray for the violence, inequality, and corruption in Colombia, that the churches may be instruments of peace, justice, and reconciliation for the people of Colombia. 
—Submitted by Adaia Bernal 
Photo: Iglesia Pan de Vida Comunidad Menonita Soledad Atlantico 

03 5월 2022

It has been more than a decade since the war in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo was to end. Each day there are more victims of kidnapping and the rape of women by foreign armed groups. A number of churches live in complete insecurity. 

In addition, there is the trauma experienced by several local churches of the Mennonite Church in Congo (CMCo) in the Kasai region where a number of young Mennonites died as a result of the sad Kamuena Nsapu war. Let us pray for stability and evangelization efforts among young Mennonites in the Kasai region. A number of young people gave their lives to Jesus Christ during Bible camps for young Mennonites in the Ilebo zone (district), abandoning fetishes they had used as protection against Kamuena Nsapu. 
—Submitted by Robert Irundu 
Photo: Shalom Bukavu DRC

26 4월 2022

As Nepal goes into an election this year, pray that a good person may be elected. Pray for Nepali churches to have equal rights in the country and financial support for churches. Pray for opportunities to earn for those people who don’t have jobs. In the midst of challenges, pain, financial problems and temptation, pray for believers to hold up their faith in Jesus Christ. 
—Submitted by Hanna Soren 
Photo: Henk Stenvers

19 4월 2022

Easter prayer/declaration 
(Inspired by Psalm 118, 1 Corinthians 15) 

The Lord’s steadfast love endures forever! 
The Creator is our strength and sustainer; Lord Jesus is our salvation. 
We are made alive in Christ who has destroyed every ruler and every authority and power. 
He has put every enemy under his feet and destroyed death. 
This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

15 4월 2022

We mourn with our brothers and sisters in Myanmar who have been sheltering in forests or border regions for months after their towns and villages were destroyed by the military in the ongoing civil war. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says Myanmar is “caught in a downward spiral of violence.” Lord, no one is forgotten in your sight. Hear our cries for mercy. Be our strength and shield. Deliver us from great trouble.

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Prayer for Myanmar

A pastoral letter to the church in Myanmar

Mennonites in Myanmar face desperate situation

11 4월 2022

We pray that the shared desire to follow Jesus overcomes the political and social differences within congregations in Canada and the USA.
Lord, make us faithful witnesses to our friends of all faith. May we speak boldly but humbly of the hope that is in Christ. 

Photo: Karla Braun

04 4월 2022

Pray for the infrastructure development of the Mennonite Church Uganda Conference. Pray for the training of our church leaders. Pray that God will bring volunteers to reinforce ongoing evangelisation. Pray for the construction of the church headquarters. 
—Submitted by Simon Okoth 

Photo: Simon Okoth 

29 3월 2022

As Jesus said, “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”. We continue to call out to the Lord for a harvest, that God sends workers to gather the harvest since this is one of our Conference’s needs, and we ask this global community for prayer support in this regard. 

—Submitted by Samuel Martínez Leal, El Salvador 

Photo: Henk Stenvers 

22 3월 2022

“In times of peace, we maintained a positive relationship with brothers and sisters all over the globe. It has become a great encouragement for us to receive support from all corners of the earth,” says the leader of Associated Mennonite Brethren Churches of Ukraine. “Every possible assistance, even the small one, is essential for us, and none of us can express how grateful we are. We give glory to the Lord ceaselessly for your open and sincere hearts.”

Lord God, we pray for peace in Ukraine. We pray for your love and sustaining hand for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, including the 20 Mennonite Brethren congregations who are providing aid for their neighbours: shelter in church buildings, food and spiritual comfort. We pray too for the people of Russia because as followers of Jesus, we do not regard any human as an enemy.

18 3월 2022

Psalm 119

The heavens are telling the glory of God; the firmament proclaims his handiwork. 
Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night declares knowledge. 
There is no speech, nor are there words; their voice is not heard; 
yet their voice goes out throughout all the earth…

God, when we look around us, we seek to find you. 
The heavens declare your glory, the psalmist proclaims. 
Yet in our changing world, it can be hard to see the stars through polluted skies, or glory in parched air and rainfall that never comes.

Give us eyes to glimpse heaven’s glory all around us in a fractured world.

May we remember: 
That the same spirals of the Milky Way are part of our DNA 
That the constellations of our communities that come together in love and care for all your creation is a way of displaying our knowledge of you.  
That our patterns of coming and going, tending and nurturing, proclaim the work of your hands.

Give us your wisdom as we seek to honour and reflect your glory, in ourselves, in our communities, and in our world. 

—Anna Vogt, MCC Ottawa director and member of the Creation Care Task Force  

Photo: Anna Vogt

14 3월 2022

Differing acceptance of vaccination causes division in churches in Canada and the USA. This is a negative witness in the community. Pray that church members would follow Jesus example of loving their neighbour both inside and outside the church. 
Photo: Flickr/ Baltimore County Government 

07 3월 2022

Forced displacement brought Mennonites to Kazakhstan during World War II, but there are no MWC member churches today. Pray for this country that has recently experienced protests and violence. 

01 3월 2022

Since the military seized power in Myanmar 2 February 2021 amid the coronavirus crisis, more than 2 000 protesters have been killed and civil resistance has shifted from peaceful to armed. The leader of Bible Missionary Church (an MWC national member church) reports church members have fled to the mountains to live in safety, but medicine, food and clothing are scarce. “We would like to express our sincere request for the vulnerable 404 families, especially for refugees of our BMC members. You are requested to get involved in your prayer for Myanmar.”

Photo: Tim Proffitt-White / Flickr

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Mennonites in Myanmar face desperate situation

21 2월 2022

Pray for the three Anabaptist synods in Indonesia: GITJ (Gereja Injili de Tanah Jawa – the oldest Anabaptist-Mennonite Global South conference in the world), GKMI (Gereja Kristen Muria Indonesia) and JKI (Jemaat Kristen Indonesia). Pray for the churches’ safety and witness in Indonesia, part of a small Christian minority in the country with the largest number of Muslims in the world. 

14 2월 2022

The Lord hears the prayers of his people. The churches in India praise God for fulfilling their day-to-day needs and keeping them safe. Many families lost their dear ones, yet the Lord granted his care and protection.  

There have been natural calamities like flood, cyclone, untimely rain and sometimes no rain. Joblessness causes financial stress and many young people leave to search for employment. Pray for open doors to income generating projects. 

Visitation to church and community members continue (heeding public health advice for safe interactions): Anabaptist-Mennonites bring the Word of God and prayer, hygiene items and food.  

Praise God: BICC Odisha planted 10 new churches, two new house fellowships and baptize hundreds of new believers in 2021. 

—Bijoy Roul, BICC Odisha; Paul Phinehas, Gilgal Mission Trust; Benjamin Nand, Mennonite Christian Service Fellowship 
Photo: Henk Stenvers, 2018

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A pastoral letter to Anabaptist-Mennonites in India

A pastoral letter to Anabaptist-Mennonites in India


03 2월 2022

Pray for Belarus and its neighbouring countries. Political upheaval and the country’s position as a gateway between Asia and Europe has resulted in a migration crisis. Anabaptist-Mennonite congregations in Lithuania, Germany and Austria seek wisdom about responding to migrants in their countries. Constantly fluctuating coronavirus infection rates add further complications to offering aid. Pray for churches to have courageous compassion.

31 1월 2022

Rainy season brings difficult weather in Southeast Asia. Pray for the Philippines recently struck by a typhoon and for Indonesia which sees more natural disasters in this season. Praise God for church agencies like GKMI’s Mennonite Diakonia Service in Indonesia which respond with material aid and the love of Christ.   

25 1월 2022