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“What if we could develop a shelf of books on subjects key to Anabaptist-Mennonites around the world, written by authors from many different countries, translated into and published in as many as possible of the main languages used by our peoples around the world?”  

This dream came to Merle and Phyllis Good while participating in the Mennonite World Conference General Council meetings in Paraguay in 1987. Decades later, this vision has taken the form of eight the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Shelf of Literature titles and five Global Mennonite History Series volumes in as many as 16 languages.  

“The vision was to have pastors, leaders and key lay persons read the same books so they could have a common language and understanding to facilitate better international communication and to deepen our global faith,” says Merle Good. 

Today, 13 books are available as PDFs on the MWC website (in English) to download and read at no cost. Sharing Gifts in the Global Family of Faith to God’s People in Mission discuss Anabaptist perspectives on mission, the Holy Spirit, peace, stewardship and mission.  

The five history books offer a glimpse into the planting and growth of Anabaptist-Mennonite churches in continental region. Although these volumes are more than a decade old, the stories can still instruct and inspire.  

“We’re excited that these resources for the global Anabaptist church are available for everyone to download for free. Reading these volumes together will help us grow and be challenged within the Mennonite World Conference family of churches,” says Kristina Toews, MWC chief communications officer. “We are very grateful to the donors whose generous gifts enabled this collection to be available for free.” 

Click the links below to download and read one or more of these volumes.

  1. Anabaptist Songs in African Hearts 
  2. Testing Faith and Tradition
  3. Mission and Migration
  4. Seeking Places of Peace
  5. Seeking Places of Peace
  6. God’s People in Mission: An Anabaptist Perspective
  7. Life Together in the Spirit: A Radical Spirituality for the Twenty-First Century
  8. What We Believe Together
  9. Stewardship for All?
  10. A Culture of Peace
  11. God’s Shalom Project
  12. Sharing Gifts in the Global Family of Faith
  13. Anabaptist Seed

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Global Mennonite History Series  


Global Anabaptist Mennonite Shelf of Literature