MWC Assembly 17 Organizational Structure

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These are the people planning  the MWC Assembly 17 in Indonesia.

Chief International Event Coordinator

Liesa Unger/ Germany



English Assistant (Part-Time) Indonesian Assistant (Full-Time)

Rianna Isaak-Krauß/ Canada,USA,Germany

Lydia Suyanti/ Indonesia


Logistics Team

National Co-Coordinator National Co-Coordinator Logistics Assistant

Sarah Yetty / Indonesia

Agus Setianto / Indonesia

Simon Setiawan / Indonesia


Program Team

Workshops (Volunteer) Plenary Session (Volunteer) Youth Program (Volunteer)

Estafanos Gedlu/ Ethiopia

Frieder Boller/ Germany

Jardelyn Martinez/ Guatemala

Global Church Village (Volunteer) Children's Program (Volunteer) Music (Volunteer)

Jessica Monal/ India

Natalie Frisk/ Canada

Benjamin Bergey/USA


Registration Team


Registration Coordinator

Nelson Miguel Martinez Castillo /Colombia

Registration Assistant  Registration Assistant (Finances)

Rut Arsari / Indonesia

Lorenzo Fellycyano / Indonesia

  Registration Assistant (Communication/Materials) Registration Assistant (Information Technology)

Ebenezer Mondez / Philippines

Preshit Rao / India


Communication and Fundraising Team

Communication & Marketing Coordinator Church Relations & Fundraising Coordinator

Elina Ciptadi /Singapore

Daniel K Trihandoyo /Indonesia


Volunteer Coordination 

Volunteer Coordinator

Tigist Tesfaye /Ethiopia


Translation and Interpretation Team

Translation and Interpretation Coordinator Indonesian Language Coordinator

Karina Derksen-Schrock/ USA

Ary Rusdianto/Indonesia

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