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Temu Raya kecil tapi penuh sukacita

Sebagai negara dengan semboyan nasional “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, Indonesia terbukti menjadi tuan rumah yang tepat dalam Temu Raya Mennonite World Conference ke-17, yang terpaksa harus diselenggarakan dengan skala lebih kecil oleh karena aturan... Selengkapnya

Assembly Hub

Scan QR or click here to join the Assembly Hub to watch the videos. Enter the name and email address you used to register for the virtual Assembly. You will be sent a one-time passcode to complete your login. This will be sent to the email and phone... Selengkapnya

Following Jesus together across barriers

Barriers of internet access and recording quality, of jetlag and illness, of language and culture stand in the way of MWC Assemblies but in Indonesia 5 July 2022, they did not prevent God’s people from worshipping together. “This marks a new way of... Selengkapnya

Cara berteman dan mendoakan orang lain – secara online

11 tips untuk menggunakan Assembly Hub: Anda dapat bertemu dengan saudara dan saudari dalam keragaman yang luas dari keluarga Konferensi Dunia Mennonite di Assembly Hub.Selengkapnya

Temu Raya berusaha untuk menurunkan jejak karbon

“Berkumpul” telah menjadi ide yang lebih besar. Dua tahun perubahan pembatasan pandemi mengajarkan banyak orang untuk tetap bersama secara virtual. Temu Raya global Mennonite World Conference mendapat manfaat dari keberadaan Zoom. Acara MWC terbuka... Selengkapnya

Join Assembly online

Host a watch party – for your Sunday service or at any other time Assembly Hub Poster How to register Speaker handout (all) Workshops Bulletin announcements Watch live? See time charts Ambassador kit Offering handout USA Canada You can access all... Selengkapnya

Hadiri semua workshop online

Berdoa, belajar dan berdialog bersama di Temu Raya “Yang menarik dan menginspirasi dari lokakarya dan pertemuan di Temu Raya MWC adalah kita dapat belajar  dari orang lain lewat mendengarkan kesaksian dari berbagai pengalaman baru dan ajaran yang... Selengkapnya

Menjelajah banyak negara dengan seluruh indera 

“Keseluruhan acara dalam Temu Raya ini adalah kesempatan untuk bertemu dengan orang-orang dari negara lain,” kata Jessica Mondal, koordinator Dusun Global Gerejawi (Global Church Village). “Tapi di Dusun Global Gerejawi ini kita dapat melihat,... Selengkapnya

Bring the world to your congregation this July

“Do I participate alone at my computer, or will groups emerge to share what is typically a communal event?” Ray Brubacher, former event planner for Mennonite World Conference, didn’t wait until July to decide. Unable to attend the event in person,... Selengkapnya

Vaccines and care at MB hospitals

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, lack of vaccination is a problem. Even before COVID-19, a measles outbreak took more than 40 children in 2019 in Kikwit, a city of some 500,000 people, and host to a growing number of internally displaced persons... Selengkapnya

What’s happening in Assembly worship services?

Everyone can travel to Indonesia for this year’s Mennonite World Conference hybrid Assembly . Around 1250 will do so in person, while thousands of others will visit Indonesia through screens. Through a daily “Panorama Indonesia” presentation,... Selengkapnya

Peserta onsite Temu Raya ditambah menjadi dua kali lipat

Peserta Temu Raya di Indonesia disetujui untuk ditambah menjadi sedikit lebih banyak. Komite Penasihat Nasional untuk Temu Raya ke-17 dan Komite Eksekutif MWC telah memutuskan untuk meningkatkan jumlah peserta yang diperbolehkan hadir dalam Temu... Selengkapnya

Join the MWC Assembly – together – online!

“The Mennonite World Conference Assembly is a space to learn more about our brothers and sisters from different parts of the world. Everyone, regardless of budget or vacation time, will have the opportunity to gather online to worship, fellowship... Selengkapnya

After Zoom, prayers carry on

Online Prayer Hour doesn’t end when the hour does. Not only do participants in Mennonite World Conference’s bimonthly prayer meeting continue for another 15 minutes – greeting each in other in a pandemonium of languages – they also carry prayers... Selengkapnya

How Assembly food waste will end up as fertilizer

In Indonesia, a country where sorting and proper treatment of trash is rare, how do we run the Assembly sustainably? In 2019, Bangun P. Nugroho, a member of Jemaat Kristen Indonesia (JKI church) Holy Stadium in Semarang, Central Java, realized that... Selengkapnya

Anabaptists around the world care for creation

Stories from around the world teach how we respond as faith communities to the challenges of climate change. The 353 responses to the Creation Care Task Force survey contained many stories of churches caring for creation. This month, we highlight... Selengkapnya

Indonesia 2022: less on-site, more creative options

How will we gather for Assembly 17? The Executive Committee has opted for limited on-site attendees and many options for online attendees at the hybrid Assembly 17. MWC Assembly is hosted by the three Indonesian Anabaptist-Mennonite synods in... Selengkapnya

An Open Letter to His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus

As Russia unleashes weapons upon Ukraine, we call on you as a Christian leader in Russia to speak and act boldly for the gospel of peace. Regardless of any rationale given for the attack upon Ukraine, this is an immoral action that Christians... Selengkapnya

A pastoral letter regarding Ukraine

We call on Anabaptist-Mennonites around the world, and all who confess Christ as Lord, to join in praying for the peace of Ukraine. We grieve violence and we reject efforts by any nation to dominate another. We pray for leaders of Ukraine, Russia... Selengkapnya

For all people to live with enough

“Dad, as an extrovert, was also gentle and compassionate, and took on the role of caregiver to many people throughout his life… He gave generously and regularly with his finances, and had an interest in and desire for all people to live with enough... Selengkapnya