The Holy Spirit transforming us

Bogotá, Colombia – Throughout the history of the Christian church, followers of Jesus have been transformed and renewed by the living presence of the Holy Spirit. We persevere with hope in the face of overwhelming challenges. Today, the churches in... Weiterlesen

Healing by the Spirit

There are many in Africa who experience physical healing by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is a story of two different types of physical healing, at the Meserete Kristos Church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by Tesfatsion Dalellew. Some years ago,... Weiterlesen

Learning with Iraqi refugees in the Department of Ain – France

Moved by the situation caused by the advance of Daesh at the end of 2014, 20 members of three Christian communities in the small town of Bellegarde decided to accommodate a family of refugees from Iraq. After nine months of waiting, the Mikho family... Weiterlesen

We cry – together – for God’s mercy

World Fellowship Sunday celebrates koinonia amid suffering Bogotá, Colombia – “We celebrate World Fellowship Sunday because it is a way to remember the origin of our church: clearly, first comes the teachings of Jesus, but we also remember that 500... Weiterlesen

Gemeinschaft schafft Zusammenhalt in Enkenbach-Alsenborn – Deutschland

Robert Beutler weiß nur zu gut, was es heißt, hartnäckig zu sein. Nachdem er gehört hatte, dass eine syrische Flüchtlingsfamilie neu in seinem Wohnort, Enkenbach-Alsenborn, angekommen war, wollte er sogleich mit ihnen Kontakt aufnehmen, um sie zu... Weiterlesen

Celebration and welcome: World Fellowship Sunday and MWC team changes

Bogotá, Colombia – “How will the church respond to the different needs we hear and see around us?” The European Mennonite churches asked this question, especially relating to the refugee crisis, as they prepared the worship materials for Mennonite... Weiterlesen

World Fellowship Sunday 2015: A testimony of our global family

World Fellowship Sunday is a celebration that brings us close to our roots and allows us to get together with our family of faith to give thanks to God and to worship. This is a date when we encourage Anabaptist related churches around the world to... Weiterlesen

World Fellowship Sunday materials available

Bogotá, Colombia - “Walking with God finds its total meaning in fellowship – in the breaking of bread, serving, and meeting the needs of others,” says César García, general secretary of Mennonite World Conference. “It does not mean the absence of... Weiterlesen

Sharing the MWC Shared Convictions in Canada

Our brothers and sisters of Valleyview Mennonite Church in London, Ontario, Canada, created a PowerPoint presentation of the MWC Shared Convictions for an observance of World Fellowship Sunday in January 2014. See a PDF of the Shared Convictions... Weiterlesen