My true hope

Testimonies from Africa Working as a nurse is a challenging job. It needs a heart with passion, patience and love. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw the hand of God in my life as he protected me. There were times when I despaired with anxiety, but... Weiterlesen

God fights for his children

Testimonies from Africa Psalm 62 expresses the cry of Christians in the West African Sahel. Several Sahelian countries have been experiencing terrorist attacks for more than 10 years. Like David, we feel hungry and harassed by the enemy. David was... Weiterlesen

Hope is a position of optimism

Testimonies from Africa I was in a dark space June to July 2021 when my husband and my mom fell ill at the same time. My mother later passed on in August. Then in February to March 2022, my husband fell ill again. It took more than two weeks for the... Weiterlesen

An opportunity to cross barriers

“Jesus is our hope: even if we go through the valley of the shadow of death, he is by our side.” In the Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday materials for 2023, meet the Christian believer in Burkina Faso who declares this faith despite challenges –... Weiterlesen

Cultural suggestions from Africa

Check with Africans in your own community about incorporating their own worship traditions. The first hour of worship in Ethiopia is dedicated to prayer, including Scripture texts and songs guiding the hearts and minds of those who are praying,... Weiterlesen

Tithes and offering ideas

The offering time is as important as the sermon. Often someone will give a testimony and Scripture on the theme of giving. The pastor often asks one of the ushers to pray, to bless the givers and also that those who are not giving may be blessed to... Weiterlesen

Suggested liturgies for gathering and benediction

Gathering/Call to worship (loudly) Leader: Give me a J People: J Leader: Give me an E People: E Leader: Give me an S People: S Leader: Give me a U People: U Leader: Give me an S People: S Leader: What do we have? People: Jesus! Leader: What do we... Weiterlesen

Biblical background for sermon content

Choose texts that work in your context. Old Testament: Isaiah 40:28-31 Jesus Christ our hope is a theme that comes at the right time, an appropriate theme in the aftermath of crossing zones of turbulence in our world and in our lives in particular... Weiterlesen

How Mennonites came to be

Anabaptist historical context Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday is an annual event for MWC member congregations around the world, worshipping together in spirit using the same worship resources, knowing that we belong to each other in this global... Weiterlesen

By our side

Testimonies from Africa When we receive the life of Jesus, a living hope is born in us, with our desires turned toward what does not perish: eternal life with God. This new life is constantly being tested in various ways. This is the story of a... Weiterlesen

God’s Glory Revealed

How does God reveal God’s glory to humanity? 1. Through the universe. Along with the psalmist, the Jesus follower confesses with a heart filled with awe: “The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.” (Psalm... Weiterlesen

Together across oceans

“Sometimes our faith community seems small and insular; [celebrating Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday] helped open eyes to the global family,” says Chani Wiens. The math teacher and chapel coordinator at UMEI Christian High School in Leamington,... Weiterlesen

The Love of the Lord Jesus

Everyone has difficult times in their lives, whether it is grief, economic difficulties or health problems. Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought tremendous shocks to all areas, including Indonesia. The economy slumped, health was... Weiterlesen

How Mennonites came to be

Anabaptist historical context for Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday Anabaptism is a Christian movement that traces its origins to the Radical Reformation. The most widely accepted date for the establishment of Anabaptism is 21 January 1525, when... Weiterlesen

With Jesus through the storm

It has been two years that we, wherever we are in the world, have faced this pandemic season. These times have been difficult with lockdowns and much loss – from jobs to even people who we dearly love. This is a chaotic time that no one in 2019... Weiterlesen

Feeding relationships

How can an international organization sustain its work of connecting leaders around the world? One lunch at a time. The cost of one lunch in your local area can support unity in the global Anabaptist Mennonite family. You can give your contributions... Weiterlesen

Liturgies for gathering and benediction

Gathering/opening Leader: In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I welcome you, our sisters and brothers in this time of worship. People: It is a joy to be together in God’s house. Leader: We raise our voices with a heart full of earnest longing... Weiterlesen

Celebrate AWFS with online prayer

“Apart and together, we meet in prayer as a global Anabaptist family to encourage each other and share burdens,” says Arli Klassen, regional representatives coordinator. “This year, we offer a special invitation to gather online to participate in a... Weiterlesen

Hong Kong fears for religious freedom

Over the past year, Hong Kong has undergone tremendous political changes. The police crackdowns have been repeated one after another. How should the church manage in these times? How should believers deal with this? When I was growing up, I thought... Weiterlesen

Kindness during lockdown

“We had only rice provided by the state government nothing else and we were having only rice for many days. I was concerned how to feed my family during this lockdown period. I am a daily wage labourer. During this time, our pastor came with a bag... Weiterlesen