Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday

Save the date!

Sunday 24 January 2021

Plan to get your congregation to participate in Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday in 2021. 
Each year, Anabaptist-related churches around the world are encouraged to worship around a common theme on a Sunday close to 21 January, usually the fourth Sunday in January. On that date in 1525, the first Anabaptist baptism took place in Zurich, Switzerland. Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday provides an opportunity to remember our common roots and celebrate our worldwide koinonia. 

MWC Executive Committee members from different continental regions designate writers and direct preparation of worship material reflecting life and the church in their part of the world for this celebration. Planning for this special day rotates among the five continental regions. The materials generally include suggestions for worship, prayer requests from around the world, an introduction to the church in the region producing the materials, stories and sermon prompts. Conferences around the world are invited to translate if necessary, adapt, copy and distribute the material to their local churches. The churches are asked to plan an Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday worship service that will help them enter more fully into fellowship, intercession and thanksgiving with and for the global faith family.

One Lunch Offering

Mennonite World Conference also invites a special offering to be taken for the global Anabaptist church movement on Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday. One way to think about this offering is to invite every member to contribute the cost of at least one lunch in their own community to support the networks and resources of our global Anabaptist church family.

MWC Facebook Page - Join MWC on Facebook for highlights from the worship materials, for prayer requests, and to engage with your own ideas for celebrating our global family in your own congregation.

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