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October 19, 2010

“Stories of Service” DVD now available


Strasbourg, France—How do Christians around the world serve their communities in the name of Christ? A new DVD from Mennonite World Conference (MWC) provides seven inspiring mini-documentaries about compassionate ministries of local churches belonging to MWC member bodies. 


“Stories of Service,” funded by Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and available in English, French and Spanish, is intended for a wide range of educational and worship settings in congregations and small groups.

According to project coordinator Pakisa Tshimika, “The purpose of the video is to highlight churches serving the basic needs of their members and their communities because of Christ’s love, and to be a reminder that service and diaconal work are an intrinsic part of being churches.” 

Where possible, he noted, it also seeks to highlight Mennonites and Brethren in Christ working in inter-faith and inter-church communities.


The DVD and accompanying study guide fulfills a recommendation passed at the MWC-sponsored Global Anabaptist Service Consultation held in Pasadena, California in 2006.  Tshimika, then MWC Associate General Secretary (currently MWC Global Church Advocate), coordinated the project with the assistance of Cheryl Zehr Walker, MCC Director of Communications. Filming spanned the years leading up to the 2009 MWC assembly in Paraguay.


Michael Bade, an independent filmmaker from a US congregation, Seattle Mennonite Church, was hired in consultation with MCC to produce the video. Volunteers and staff from MCC and MWC helped with the editing and production.


The video includes introductory and concluding comments from MWC General Secretary Larry Miller, Tshimika, MWC Deacons Commission chair Cynthia Peacock, and young adult representative Sarah Thompson. In between are five- to seven-minute segments showing:


  • a child care ministry established after a 1993 flood in Paraguay
  • ministry to people displaced by the violence in Colombia
  • well-digging in drought-stricken Zimbabwe
  • sharing of agricultural know-how in Paraguay
  • ministry to homeless people in the United States
  • ministry to the elderly in France
  • Christian-Muslim relationships in the cleanup after Indonesia’s 2005 tsunami.


The study guide offers discussion questions, suggested Scriptures and further study resources related to each segment.


“Stories of Service,” said Tshimika, is “a source of encouragement . . . as well as an excellent way to be introduced to the diversity of cultures and church communities of the MWC.”


The DVD can be ordered from the MWC offices in Canada and France, for $20 (USD or CAD) or 15€ including postage. Please indicate language preference when ordering.


Byron Rempel-Burkholder

MWC News Service




Photo (right-click to download / hard copy on request): Following the 2004 tsunmai, these two women benefited from the trauma counseling offered through the Indonesian Mennonite churches and themselves became counselors to children who were victims of the disaster. Their story is told in the new “Stories of Service” video of Mennonite World Conference. (Photo by Michael Bade)