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Interchurch Dialogue

Lutheran - Mennonite Reconciliation Fotos


Lutheran - Mennonite Reconciliation

Healing Memories: Reconciling in Christ 

Report of the Lutheran-Mennonite International Study Commission


The work of the international study commission laid the foundation for the July 2010 LWF Eleventh Assembly reconciliation action dealing with the legacy of Lutheran persecution of Anabaptists.


The commission’s report demonstrates how the search for reconciliation can be served by rigorous historical and theological study. The document provides for the first time a common narrative of the events of the sixteenth century. It gives theological reflection on the work still to be done and makes concrete recommendations toward a future of greater understanding.


The report is intended as a study resource for seminaries and other educational settings, as well as groups of Lutherans and Mennonites together around the world.


Available in English, French, German and Spanish.


The Lutheran World Federation and The Mennonite World Conference | 2010 | ISBN 978-2-940459-00-1 | 120 pages


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Interchurch Dialogue Reports

 Click below for a list of interchurch dialogue reports

International Dialogue between the Lutheran World Federation and Mennonite World Conference

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and MWC International Study Commission met in 2006 and 2007 in Strasbourg to consider the condemnation s of Anabaptists in Lutheran confessional writings and their applicability to the teaching of Anabaptist-Mennonites today. The 2007 meeting also included discussion on the “Called together to be peacemakers” report from the Mennonite and Catholic dialogue. Significant historic events took place in summer 2010, with a formal Lutheran - Mennonite Reconciliation and the publication of related documents.

International Dialogue between the Catholic Church and Mennonite World Conference

A dialogue between Catholics and Mennonites took place over a five-year period, from 1998-2003. The general purpose of the dialogue was to get better acquainted, to better understand Catholic and Mennonite positions on Christian faith and to contribute to overcoming long-held prejudices. 

Under discussion were the intersection of the history of the two denominations; theology around the nature of the church, sacraments and ordinances and the commitment to peace; and addressing the healing of memories. 

“Called together to be peacemakers,” the report on this dialogue is available in five languages. Click here to read the English document.

A Mennonite delegation visited the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in Rome (October 18-23, 2007) to report responses of member churches to the “Called together to be peacemakers,” report and to raise concerns they heard from member churches about the Catholic Church. 

Statement: A Mennonite Ecclesiology in Outline 

From October 23 – 25, 2007, several Mennonite and Catholic leaders worked together in Rome on a joint statement addressing biblical and theological foundations of peace, peace and discipleship, and particular peace challenges the churches face today. The statement proposed recommendations for the World Council of Churches to consider as it plans for a 2011 convocation. 

Two national conferences in 2007, one with the Colombia Catholic Bishops Conference and one with the German Catholic Bishops Conference brought together leaders of MWC member churches and Catholics. The Colombia conference included Anabaptist leaders from other countries in the region. The conference in Germany included the presentation of the Called Together to be Peacemakers  report and presentations on the healing of memories.